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Here you can find all the latest news about Real Desktop.

In order to keep you up to date, the latest news will also immediately appear shortly in real desktop.

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15.05.2016 - Update 2.08
Real Desktop: News Screenshot 1Since the Version 2.08 Real Desktop is 100% compatible with Windows 10. In addition, some bugs have been fixed and the performance has been improved in standby mode.
06.01.2015 - Update 2.07
Real Desktop: News Screenshot 1With this new update a full compatibility with Windows 8.1 is now assured. In addition, six further western decorations and a western saloon design are part of this new update.
24.10.2014 - Update 2.06
Real Desktop: News Screenshot 1In this update some minor bugs such as a wrong representation at the weather globe was fixed.
28.10.2013 - Update 2.05
Real Desktop: News Screenshot 1By the new update the desktop background can now be optionally displayed or hidden. This is particularly useful if you use Real Desktop in a multi-monitor mode on a single monitor and you want to use the traditional desktop at the same time. In addition, some bugs were fixed in Virtual Space and now also the performance in multi-monitor mode was increased significant.
07.05.2013 - Update 2.04
Real Desktop: News Screenshot 1The new update includes now a confirmation dialog when a resolution change was detected, whereby an undesired resolution change does not lead to a change in the 3D room size. Excess designs will now automatically be divided into sub-folders to prevent to exceeded the display limits. Furthermore, the Spanish, Russian, Italian, Ukrainian and Brazilian language was added.
27.03.2013 - Create decoration - Tutorial
Real Desktop: News Screenshot 1The new tutorial about to create your own decoration for Real Desktop 2.0 introduces you to the basic operations of the included decoration editor and explain all necessary steps until the final decoration.
06.03.2013 - Real Desktop Pro 2.0 now available on CD-ROM
Real Desktop: News Screenshot 1The full version of Real Desktop Pro 2.0 is now available on CD-ROM at for only 19.95 EUR.
08.02.2013 - 6 new decorations
Real Desktop: News Screenshot 1By the new update 2.03 6 useful gadgets have been added. Listen to your favorite radio station via the new web radio and have always an overview of the current weather and the weather forecast in your city with the new 3D Weather Globe The weather globe was a suggestion of a Real Desktop user, which we implemented gladly.

The U.S. Mailbox gadget will inform you about any new e-mail in your e-mail accounts. Another suggestion of a Real Desktop user was the implementation of a room portal, with which you can change the room by a simply double click on it.
05.02.2013 - Update 2.03
Real Desktop: News Screenshot 1In this new update, a room preview has been added to the menu bar. The new room manager can be invoked through a hot key, with which you can easily and quickly switch between all rooms. The new quick start will introduce the control of Real Desktop 2.0 much more faster. Since this update, Real Desktop is now fully compatible with Windows 8 and also some visual problems with the virtual space as well as some decorations are fixed now.
20.12.2012 - 15 new decorations
Real Desktop: News Screenshot 1A few days before Christmas, 15 new decorations will enrich your 3D desktop. Design your personal desktop room like a dream beach in the Caribbean with the beach chair, beach umbrella and beach ball. Throw your files into a moving box or place them in a laundry basket. You will have a lot of fun with the fancy WC as a Recycle Bin on your 3D desktop!

In brief:

- Beach ball
- Beach chair
- Umbrellas
- Table lamp
- Table Clock
- Toilets as trash
- Moving box as a box
- Bucket of water as a stack
- Laundry basket as a file storage
28.11.2012 - Update 2.02
Real Desktop: News Screenshot 1This new update will backup your room settings twice and prevents loss of file locations when the system crashes. In addition, problems with the shadow rendering on ATI cards have been fixed, as well as problems with Windows XP and the automatic detection of changes in the file system.

The font size will be displayed independent of the system font size, which will solve possible display problems. In the performance dialog, it is now possible to enable/disable shadows on objects, which causes a marked difference in performance.

In the general settings, the choice lasso/rectangle, camera speed and menu bar top/bottom has been added. Furthermore, you can now use the key combination Ctrl + left mouse button to quickly and easily pile your files at the desired location. In addition, a lot of minor bugs has been fixed and various user suggestions has been implemented.
08.11.2012 - New Forum
Real Desktop: News Screenshot 1The Forum is now ready and available on our website at Help->Forum.

Post your question or suggestion in our forum and our team will answer your question within 12 hours.

You get, beside a personal contact with our support team, another way to get a quick and easy solution for your concern within a short time.
02.11.2012 - 30 new decorations
Real Desktop: News Screenshot 1In recent days and weeks, more than 30 new decorations have been added, such as two glass tables, a latern, a candle and a variety of decorations, which was created by the Real Desktop Pro 2.0 community.

- Glass tables
- Latern
- Candle
- Work light
- Two clocks
- 24 further user decorations
24.10.2012 - Update 2.01
Real Desktop: News Screenshot 1By the new update some problems with the decoration editor, object positions, web link, virtual space and file tray are fixed. Furthermore, the menu bar can be access while one or more Virtual Spaces are open. In addition, a new fire-function is part the decoration editor, so you will be able to create candle or fireplace decorations. A forum and some new decorations are planed now.
03.10.2012 - Real Desktop 2.0 and a new website
Real Desktop: News Screenshot 1It's done! Real Desktop 2.0 is ready and will be presented at a new site. Discover many new sites such as "Submit suggestion" or "How do I…" and a improved customer area.

Have fun with Real Desktop 2.0!